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Featured items

  • Zohara Drop

    Hey! Just drop it. And I did...pYou can wear the print either at the front or at the back.p120 d

  • DIM Madame so Fashion

    Want a tattoo? An instant ankle tattoo that can be worn for just the occasion. A lovely sheer tight

  • Falke Dolphin

    Sheer tight with a striking and different pattern. Elegant and discrete or bold and edgy. These tigh



  • Zohara Long legs

    Ever needed to measure your legs on the go? This may be the answer.pTights with a stunning tape me

  • Zohara Mars and Venus

    Say no to the battle of the sexes and show that Mars and Venus (the icons of men and women) can exis

  • Zohara London

    London - a true cosmopolitan city in Europe. A bold mix of nationalities, architecture, culture and



  • Veneziana Micro

    Get colourful legs with these lovely leggings in soft microfibre that is durable and comfortable - a

  • Vogue Garland

    Shimmering leggings with a wonderful floral pattern. Perfect for spring and summer.p30 Denier: 85%

  • UL Tardis

    For any devoted fan of the Doctor and his adventures in time and space.pStylish legging with a pri

Gipsy has been selling hosiery for three generations and the brand is now over 30 years old. They bring the latest Italian fashions to customers who are looking for style and quality at great value.